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A leader who feels deep in your gut that your business could and should be more.

A Founder stuck and stalled, running a business that’s draining the life out of you.

A CEO bound by the Catch 22 of being so entrenched in the day to day battle that you can’t give time and energy to the future vision you so desperately want.

A Family Business powered by the desire to run a business that provides an incredible life for yourself, your family, and the people you employ.

An Investor, struggling to understand why your investment is not living up to your goals and projections.

A Board, at a loss as to why the business is struggling to reach its potential.

A Business owner who is ready to sell and wants a defender to pay attention to your needs, and what will happen to you and the business long after the deal is signed.

Brave leaders with businesses over 5 years old, more than 20 employees and over $10 million in revenue who are willing to raise their hand and ask for help in order to make a real change.


I work as a second CEO, for specific periods of time, to develop and execute exactly the right strategies that are holding your business back.

As your duplicate, your most trusted business partner, I do it the way you would, if you had the time to get it done.

There’s very little in business that I haven’t personally experienced, especially the hard stuff. If you’re willing to talk about it, and put it all out on the table, I can fix it.

I know where your struggles and hang ups are because I have run a business, at scale, of 140+ people, 6 offices, 40 agents around the world and $150 Million in revenue - a business that endured profound struggle.

As that business came under pressure from the economic downturn of the late 90’s, the choice became we’re either going to lose it, or fix it.

I believe there’s no honor in going down with the ship.

I lead that company out of those treacherous times by returning to the basics that make every business great and completing six acquisitions that re-imagined the company so it was attractive to buyers.

We sold the business in January of 2000.

It is my purpose, passion, and commitment to help other business owners avoid the misery I experienced. The magic, the real change, the miracle happens when there is a duplicate of you that is equally committed to getting it done.

I do what a normal consultant won’t. I don’t give strategies and tell you to run with them. If you had the time to do it, you already would have. Instead, once we are certain of what needs to get done, I go and do it.

I take action as if the business were my own. (And tie 50% of my fee to the measurable result so I have meaningful skin in the game just like you).

You don’t need more to do, you need to get more done.

You need strategies and innovation hidden within your business, you need the ideas to be executed.

I take it all the way down the road until it’s completed and producing results.

What I don't do

I don’t work with everyone.

I only work with a few businesses at a time.

I won’t get bogged down by the day to day.

I will not sell your business if that is not what is best for you and your life.

I won’t fix your marketing if it’s your sales process that’s broken.

I will not recommend a plan of attack that does not return at least 20X my fees to the business over the next 2-3 years.

I will not recommend a strategy that relies solely on you to get done.

I will not raise capital or financing if that is not what is holding you back.

I will not work with businesses who are unwilling to have the hard conversations and do the hard work it takes to uncover the right issues that are holding the business back.

I will not work with companies who stand in the way of me making progress on the things that need to get done. The future of your business is at stake here. No politics or indecision!

Why I'm different

I’m not a yes man, I’ll dig into your ideas for the why behind them so that we make sure the rationale is pure and clean and unencumbered by emotion.

I’ll hold up a mirror to your intentions to make sure that what you say you want to get done supports what you really want to happen.

I’ve been where you are, and, because of my experience, I bring certainty of direction. I become your business partner (in all the best ways) for a distinct period of time - another you who is not burdened by the day to day needs of the business.

We keep no secrets, and operate in total confidentiality and commitment to your business.

I am laser focused on what we agree has to get done for your business to accelerate.

Honesty and empathy don’t often get a seat in the business boardroom, but they are two of my fiercest weapons.

What separates my work from everyone else is I’m not here to just make the deal, I’m here to make the best deal for you.

I roll up my sleeves and get to work. I make the calls, develop the marketing, meet with vendors, acquisition targets, investors, banks, staff, clients and prospects. Whatever needs doing, gets done.

I am another you. Need one?

Honest conversations with brave leaders are always appreciated.
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What could your business do if there were two of you?

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